World, how do u think about China milk scandal? 你对中国毒奶风波有什么看法?
Oct 19, 2008 4:23 AM
Answers · 12
Happens often here. Nowadays I cannot see food or beverage in the store that is not full with 4-5 E-chemicals. Most of those chemicals are forbidden in many countries but here. Everyone wants to make huge profit with least possible little effort, so whats the problem if someone gets ill or even dies poisoning with their food... There is nothing about the capitalism or communism... It is a personal responsibility of those people that let such things happen! You cannot blame "The System" for everything! Wherever there is no personal responsibility and wherever people hide behind titles, companies, parties, societies, etc. - there will be such problems.
October 19, 2008
今年也在日本一样的问题越来越多了。我觉得那样公司的人们像“朝三暮四”的猴子啊。 听说,发现以前,很喜欢牛奶的中国运动员说“诶,这牛奶太甜了”。 我们应该锻炼自己的“鼻”和”舌”吧。
October 23, 2008
i think china has many problems aside from milk issue. for example frozen gyoza exported to Japan which includes poisen ( After Olympic game held in China, China now are going to develop its country power and joining in advanced countries group. So Chinese goverment should recognize its poor system, revise law concerning food safty in the near future.
October 21, 2008
The milk scandal is a side effect of the adoption of capitalist practices in the chinese industry. Obviously, profit in this case seems to be more important to businessmen than the health of infants.
October 19, 2008
nothing can be the perfect,everything is from faulty to faultlessly , find . so try to solve it so , before long ,we can do better
October 19, 2008
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