Why we live in this world ?what shall we do during our lives ? We live in this world ,we eat ,study ,work and sleep. but we don't even ask for a reason for which we live in this world .Do we live for money ?do we live for happiness? or do we live for living ?
Oct 19, 2008 5:17 AM
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Well, I'm afraid you should be out of life to get the answer... There are ones who seem to live for money, or for happiness, or for love, or for other ones, yes, but I think we all just live and that's all. The most wonderful aspect of life is maybe its mystery itself. We have one life only, Oliver, so don't waste time/energy/feelings in wondering what's it for or what you're here to do - just live!
October 19, 2008
hi,you konw , as i was young.i always want to go travel.to meet something new.to have some wonderful exerpices.i am a freman now in a college.and,i was far away from my home and my family.i broke my arm last week.everything in my life has slowed down.everyday,i get up slowly,wash my face slowly,and walk slowly.thought it is not convenient for my life.but i think it is ok.because i began to realise the most important things in my life--my family.and i thought we need to be alone sometimes.
October 19, 2008
what shall we do with our lives? god has a plan for us to seek souls for his kingdom and help in making this world a better plae so that when he comes,all of mankind will be saved!
October 21, 2008
Every people has their own purpose in life. Me? I don't know what's my purpose, all I know is that God has his own plan for me (but of course, others have their own reason for living). I believe that we must live in this world in a fruitful way . Whatever our purpose in life, let's try to live the best out of it :)
October 19, 2008
when we live in this world the world become more and more interest because we have wesdom and capabal build our world make it became more and more prosorite and beautiful so we live in the world not liveless
October 19, 2008
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