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how stop my tears..?
Oct 19, 2008 9:08 AM
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Sometime we need to cry,sometime tears can make us more better but if you crying so much you need to stop..how to stop your tears? Make your self happy likes dancing, singing, going out with your friends, eat chocolate, watching comedian movie with your friends so you can laugh together and shopping but don't spend a lot of money he..he..or you'll crying again if you look your bank account after that. ;-)
October 20, 2008
Why stopping them? Weeping is often necessary, it helps releasing - if you keep your tears in your heart, they'll become a sort of poison and you'll feel worse and worse. However, the best way to stop tears is probably improving your mood. You may look up, as Ruby said, to the sky or to the future (also because then tears have some problem in falling); you may listen to a song you like and sing along, you may eat something sweet you like very much and have seldom (these two work a lot with me); you may talk with someone close who understands you; you may go for a walk... :)
October 19, 2008
just look up
October 19, 2008
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