这是什么画?这幅画多少钱? 你好,有什么可以帮到你. 我想买画.我只是看看. 有山水画,有国画. 我喜欢这幅画. 需要多少钱? 我要卖这幅画? 4000元. 可以便宜一点吗?
Oct 19, 2008 11:01 AM
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这是什么画? - What kind of painting is this? 这幅画多少钱? - How much is this painting? 你好,有什么可以帮到你. - Hello. Is there anything I can help you with? 我想买画. - I want to buy a painting. 我只是看看. - I'm just browsing (I'm just looking) 有山水画. - Do you have landscape paintings? 有国画. - Do you have Chinese paintings? 我喜欢这幅画. - I like this painting. 需要多少钱? - How much does it cost? 我要卖这幅画? - I want to sell this painting. (我要买这幅画 - I want to buy this painting.) 4000元. - Four Thousand RMB 可以便宜一点吗? - Can you give me a discount? / Can you lower the price? / Can you give me a lower price?
October 19, 2008
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