你会画画吗?这画是你自己画的吗? 你可以介绍一下你的画吗? 我对你的画很感兴趣. 请问你喜欢我这里的画吗? 请问你想卖我这里的画吗? 很贵.
Oct 19, 2008 11:04 AM
Answers · 1
你会画画吗?这画是你自己画的吗? Can you paint? Were you the one who made this painting? 你可以介绍一下你的画吗? Can you introduce some of your paintings? 我对你的画很感兴趣. I'm quite interested with your paintings. 请问你喜欢我这里的画吗? Do you like my paintings? 请问你想卖我这里的画吗? Would you like to buy my paintings? 很贵 Very expensive
October 19, 2008
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