Salzburg for a week there - is it not boring? I am going to go in Salzburg after New Year for a week with my friend, I and she know there nobody and we don't know will we boring in Salzburg the whole week or not? What do you think?
Oct 19, 2008 8:53 PM
Answers · 2
I've only been to Salzburg for half a day (on the way to Munich from Vienna), so I can't really be a good judge of the city. But I thought it was a lovely place. The "Old Town" is very nice... If you've watched "The Sound of Music", you can visit some of the places filmed in the movie (ie: Mirabell gardens). You can also visit Mozart's birthplace / residence... The Hohensalzburg Fortress is the largest fully-preserved fortress in central Europe... St. Peter's cemetery is one of the oldest in the world.. Just research online for things to see/do there. There's lots of stuff out there! Here's some: I'm sure you and your friend will have lots of fun :D
October 20, 2008
It will only be boring if you make it so. You're in a new city for a week - I'm sure you and your friend will find ways to have fun.
October 19, 2008
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