Do you know any books about traveling to Japan? Do you know any books about traveling to Japan which is written in English? Especially, I want to read a backpackers' one. Don't take me wrong please. I don't need any guide books of Japan. I want books about their experience. I want to know how the travelers felt, what they saw, what they heard, what they ate, what they liked or what they disliked about Japan. If you know such books, please inform me. I'm waiting for your information! Thanks, Nao :)
Oct 20, 2008 1:27 AM
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This is a book that is based on a foreigners time in Japan. However, it may not be quite what you're looking for. It's fiction but the events that take place are from the author's experience's in Japan. Here is a discussion on a site from a person asking a similar question with some responses that may be useful to you. These aren't exactly books, but you could read them while you're waiting for a better answer. ^^ They're quite specific to the "how travelers felt" part. Mostly about their experience regarding how they were treated as outsiders in Japan. Though to warn you, they seem a bit critical. (Maybe for good reason? I don't know ^^) Good luck on your search.
October 20, 2008
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