Nawab Khan
What is the height of toleration ? I have been through the ups and downs of life. I always experienced a sense of joy and rejoice whenever I had let people around me win while it was no big deal for me to do it. But never knew why did I always let others win? I did withstand several accusations & abusations inspite of knowing that all this was false and conspired against me. And the only reason I kept my cool was coz these were the peoples who were so dear and near to me and I could'nt have let them done. But they scored a point over me whenever they saw a slim chance to do so. I did this coz I knew that, " I m not wrong and whatever I did was for good of my own people. Besides, I believe that, " GOD IS ALWAYS WITH THE HUMBLE, THE TRUTHFUL AND THE WHO NEVER RETALIATES". Despite my cool these shameless people kept on suppressing me and even exploiting me financially at times!!! So should I constantly keep my cool? or......? Please suggest?????
Oct 20, 2008 11:43 AM