do you really think there is some one who really loves you truly? with no lies?
Oct 20, 2008 1:52 PM
Answers · 13
we all wish to be lucky to meet that guy. But i believe.
October 22, 2008
I don't know if there are any out there, but I know I am one
October 22, 2008
sure there are some people,,loving truly..wıthout parents ,,or some friends,,if it concerns about the women and men relationship,,,ıt s better to thınk before giving an answer..cos people are hıdıng behınd the mirrors..many of love hard to reach,,
October 21, 2008
Oh, sure! There isn’t any doubt about this! My fair-complexioned niece who is four , she loves me a lot and she never could lie about this! When we meet she tells me : “Ciao Mary I love you, have you brought me chocolate?”
October 20, 2008
Oh yes, but it's so hard to find and definitely recognize him/her!
October 20, 2008
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