Do exists a website where i can buy ukrainian magazines? Привіт !!! Пробач, i'm a bit OT maybe... :) Does anybody can tell me if exists a website where i can buy ukrainian magazines (payment via paypal if possibile and shipment to europe)? Find almost nothing on Ebay... Дякую in advance for your kind reply!!! До побачення!
Oct 21, 2008 12:59 PM
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Привіт, нажаль українська преса не проається за кордоном (принаймі в інтернеті я не знайшла такої інформації), але якщо тобі потрібно, я можу висилати тобі українські журнали поштою або передавати через своїх талійських друзів які бувають в Україні. Бажаю успіху у вивченні української!!! Ciao, purtroppo la stampa ucraina non si vende all'estero (almeno nell'inernet non ho trovato niente informazione su questo), pero' se hai bisogno delle riviste ucraine ti posso sperdirne alcune o posso chiedere ai miei amici italiani che vengono in Ucraina che ti le passino. Ti augoro fortuna nel tuo apprendimento d'ucraino!!
October 21, 2008
дівчатка розцвели і поспішають на допомогу.
July 13, 2011
Let see... Here: - links on sites of Ukrainian newspspers and magazines - here you can buy books and magazines about Ukraine, but I don't know if you were searching those kind of "printing works". - links on Ukrainian news media. Not too much but if you want "printed" magazines the best way - buy them in Ukraine. I think that selling them abroad by way of internet is undeveloped buiseness for today. If I'll find something else, I will post it here.
October 26, 2008
Hi! i tried to find sg for you, but it was difficult. anyway i found a couple of site, i think it can be interesting for you. ( i prefer the first site's address, second it just is spare variant) i hope, you will find what you search for
October 22, 2008
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