do u think that we r in the life for no reason?
Oct 21, 2008 1:32 PM
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no off course, in Islam god tell us that the reason to live is for worship god and do what he wants"al 7alal" and avoid what he forbids"al 7aram". and all this is cleared in our book "al Quraan Al Kareem",and our massenger of god Mohammed explaines all that to us.
October 21, 2008
No.I don't think we are in this life for no reason.We do exist because of the many reasons and in accordance to God's plan.Each and everyone has a mission in this life to accomplish.Personally,when i take a look at the world and see the suffering of others and feel sympathy for them and feel in my heart the urge to help in anyway i can,there i understand there's something else GOD wants me to do.
October 22, 2008
veronica, god gave us the reasons from creating us,and explained it very clearly by his prophets and his books ,simply god wants us to pray to him +to keep searching of knowledge . being a good girl is a good reason to live but the standards of the "good girl" maybe differ from person to another,logically there must be a reference to all people to return to it.
October 21, 2008
Every living things including mankind happens for a reason. Every living things are God Almighty's slaves and we are to submit to Him alone. Every living things that are created, will die and it will be return to the Devine Creator. Every livings things will be judge equally in the Last Day for his/her/it good or bad deeds.
October 21, 2008
I don't think so.. God create us for some reason although we not known what is God plan and purpose for our life, but with make something good for your life and for everybody around you is very good reason to life.. My simple reason to life is just be a better girl in everything i do and make God smile to me...
October 21, 2008
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