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Do you agree with this statement or disagree?Why? Everybody should know the culture for learning the language. e.g.you learn Chinese,so you learn Chinese culture. "Learning about other cultures is critical to learning about ourselves," Do you agree with this statement or disagree?Why? PS:What specific things would you try to learn when you travel to China?
Oct 22, 2008 1:26 PM
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I want to learn the slangs, proverbs and idioms of the Chinese Language. Otherwise I'd be looking stupid there in China heh
October 23, 2008
i agree. when learning something new it's more than just about learning what's on the surface. it's also about getting underneath and now all history to the craft you're learning. educate and stimulate your mind more is very important to anyone whether you're learning a new language or something else.
October 22, 2008
Of course I agree. Who we are as individuals and as collectives (cultures) is predominantly a function of how we communicate. What we communicate is enabled and limited by the vehicles we use to do that job - namely the language. The romance languages have aural origins while many Asian languages especially Chinese have graphic origins. How language influences culture and thinking is part of the branch of science called semiotics. Look into it, it really shows how much we are a product of our languages. China/Chinese is different from the US/English in so many ways it's impossible to not want to learn about it. Also when traveling in China I met very kind and thoughtful people I couldn't speak with in a meaningful way. I felt like many opportunities to learn were lost because of that. Great question.
October 22, 2008
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