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English native speakers,any english slang???
Jan 29, 2008 12:21 PM
Answers · 7
What's up? - Чё случилос Bitch fucker - сука бляд
February 6, 2008
depends on what part of the country you live in. i live in los angeles so i can tell you some of the slang here. let me know. faded-drunk paper-money
January 30, 2008
Whatcha doin'-What are you doing? I dig it!-"I like it" Hella-Really über-really Slang changes from place to place. I think for the most part every region has their own! I'll be happy to tell you more from where I live though!
January 30, 2008
Try out - that has a lot of slang words (however the explanations can be uploaded by anyone - so just check the ratings and how many of the explanations are similar)
January 30, 2008
Like what do you want to say in slang?
January 30, 2008
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