Comparing to your own culture, how to define japanese culture?
Oct 23, 2008 7:37 PM
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americans see the japanese as quiet people who are from the orient... to most americans all asians are alike.
October 24, 2008
Brazil is the place in the whole world, after Japan only, where you can find the biggest Japanese community. Since the beginning of last century, we began to receive Japanese people in Brazil. This year we had huge parties and expositions to commemorate 100 years since the first ship arrived bringing the first Japanese immigrants. So, nowadays, we have a lot of influence of Japanese culture into ours... I think they taught us a lot about agriculture, martial arts, new way of living with emphasis on discipline, determination and concentration. They are very wise and strong character people. They can live a simple life in a deep context, making contact with worthy inner concepts. On the other hand, Brazilian people taught them how not to be so serious, enjoying life in a more relaxed way. Japanese culture is more respected traditionally , maybe cause Japan is an older country than Brazil, as well Japanese people are more devoted to a community sense of living than Brazilians. The best about Brazil is that like all teenagers, our young country is growing up learning and absorbing all good influence from old, wise, welcome people from all around the world. Japanese culture is one of our best teachers.
October 28, 2008
Traditional (logical), driven strategically, in structural conscious and rigid bases. What makes possible a mark of long standing. Even that the times go by, the nuances change, to flagpole bend, but it does not break. A particular perception.
October 24, 2008
Japan is an island country, less land and wide ocean stimulate their curiosity.They are willing to know the world outside and very good at learning all kinds of new things and transmitting them into themselves'. In Tang Dynasty of China, about 1300 years ago, many Japanese came to China to learn, some brilliant ones even became officials of China. There are many Chinese imprints in their language, architecture,courtesy... They look similar but different, with their own style. Some tradition we have lost today,but we can find it in Japan. But Japanese really had hurt deeply the other countries in the World War Two, So I have to say people in other Asian countries have special emotion to Japanese,of course we 'd love to be friendly with them if they are also friendly to us. But to be the truth,Japanese are very hard-working, their electronic products are very popular all over the world. People who think Asians look alike not understand much about us.At least ,I think I can distinguish Chinese,Japanese,Kerean.
October 24, 2008
Japan and the UK have some things in common: A monarchy - democracy, higher than average working hours and a love of tradition although I believe that Japan embraces the new more quickly than the UK does. Of course, every country is unique and different but sometimes it is nice to think about similarities instead! ^_^
October 24, 2008
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