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انا عاوز اتعلم اللغة الايطاليه ياريت حد يكلمنى ويعلمنى اللغة الايطالية ونكون اصدقاء
Oct 23, 2008 9:08 PM
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lol....credo che avrai moltissime risposte con questa domanda!!!
October 25, 2008
دي كلمات مع الترانسليشن للانجليش والنطق: la casa - house لا كازا la cucina - kitchen لا كوتشينا la stanza - roomلا ستانتسا il bagno - bathroom ايل بانيو la tavola - table, board لا تافولا il tavolo - table, desk ايل تافولو la parete - wall لا باريتيه il muro - wall ايل موورو la porta - door لا بورتا la sedia - chair لا سيديا il telefono - telephone ايل تيليفونو la televisione - television لا تيليفيزيونيه la finestra - window لا فينيسترا
October 31, 2008
يمكن يفيدك In Italian you’ll find regulars and irregular verbs. Regular verbs are easier to learn because when conjugating they follow a regular pattern that can be generalized to all the others regular verbs. In this lesson you will learn how to conjugate the Regular Verbs. In Italian there are 3 different classes of verbs: verbs ending in “are”, verbs ending in “ere”, verbs ending in “ire”. Each class of regular verbs has its own pattern of termination when conjugated. Those classes of verbs are known in Italian as: Prima coniugazione - literally 'first conjugation' (verbs ending in “are”) Seconda coniugazione - literally 'second conjugation' (verbs ending in “ere”) Terza coniugazione - literally 'third conjugation' (verbs ending in “ire”). When conjugating regular verbs in Italian you just have to preserve the root of the verb and substitute “are” or “ere” for the following bold terminations. Regular verbs Prima coniugazione Seconda coniugazione Terza coniugazione (Primo Gruppo) Terza coniugazione (Secondo Gruppo) Person Parlare (to speak) Rispondere (to answer) Sentire (to feel) Capire (to understand) Io parl- | -o rispond- | -o sent- | -o cap- | -isco Tu parl- | -i rispond- | -i sent- | -i cap- | -isci Lui / lei / Lei esso / essa parl- | -a rispond- | -e sent- | -e cap- | -isce Noi parl- | -iamo rispond- | -iamo sent- | -iamo cap- | -iamo Voi parl- | -ate rispond- | -ete sent- | -ite cap- | -ite Loro parl- | -ano rispond- | -ono sent- | -ono cap- | -iscono
October 31, 2008
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