¿Qué es Ulises en la Odisea?
Apr 19, 2016 1:27 AM
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The Odyssey (along with the Iliad) is one of the oldest and most famous pieces of Western literature. I think everyone in Europe, the Americas, and Australia learns the basic story at a young age (not many have actually read the story though), although I'm not sure if you'll have heard of it growing up in China. The story follows the voyage of Odysseus (his name was translated into Latin as "Ulysses", and it seems his Spanish name is derived from his Latin name) following the battle of Troy. The story is called "奥德赛" in Chinese, and Odysseus/Ulysses is called "奥德修斯". It's a sequel to the Iliad (伊利亚特), about the Trojan War (特洛伊战争), which you might be more familiar with.
April 19, 2016
The sentence "Ulises in the Odyssey" comes from a greek poem from 8th century that tell us the story about Ulises in his journey (odyssey). The poem is called "Odyssey" and was written by Hómēros (Homer) an ancient greek. En enunciado "Ulises en la Odisea" viene de un poema griego del siglo VIII que nos narra la historia acerca de Ulises en su viaje (odisea). El poema is llamado "Odisea" y fue escrito por el griego llamado Hómēros (Homero).
April 19, 2016
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