usually in plural form 谁能给我介绍几个"usually in plural form "的单词 比如trousers 或者cosmetics 还有就是means是本来就已s结尾的还是自身是复数 如果是词means本身是单数的话复数形式是什么? Can anyone tell me some words like "trousers" or "cosmetics" that end up with "S' In terms of "means", "means' is singular or plural? if it is singular, what is the plural form of it? Thanks!
Oct 24, 2008 2:43 AM
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trainers and sneakers (when talking about the shoes), customs (the place at the airport), news (like the ones from the tv or newspapers), socks, pants, briefs, shorts, underpants, boxers (underwear), boxershorts, drawers (underwear), underdrawers... and there are many more • Some nouns only have a plural form, ending with s or without. The police are looking for the robbers. I like these pants / jeans / shorts. Use either scissors or nail clippers. Binoculars ar stronger than any glasses. • Other nouns ending with s only have a plural form only with certain meanings. customs (at the airport, not practices), guts (courage, not intestines) quarters (lodgings, not 1/4s), clothes (garments, not fabrics) goods (merchandise, not the opposite of bad), arms (weapons, not limb) more information here: by the way, the singular of means is mean
October 24, 2008
Excellent Richardus... now i'll focus on the second part of the qustion. means is (a plural form) and usually used as a plural meaning such as means of transport/communication/escape/identification. however, u can use it as singular by adding (a) such as (Art is a means of expression).
October 24, 2008
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