what do you think about china and chinese people? as a chinese, i want to know about my own country. so i want to know what do you think about china and chinese people? are you interested in China?what do you interested in? and if you don't mind, please tell me the strong and weak points of china? thank you!
Oct 24, 2008 7:16 AM
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I think China is a very beautiful country, and it has a huge history, and chinese people is very polite and they offer you a real friendship, i really admire chineses, they are so smart. that's only a very short commentary about China, i think there's a lot of things to talk about this amazing Nation. i just desire all the World's best things for all Chinese people!
October 24, 2008
yes i know china i love china i like china i'am interessted to china as a culture as a people as a countrie as a muslim chinese i read a chinese geography culture nature,,,,,,,,,, you know there are a lot of chinese peoples work in algeria we speak with chinese people with arbic her very nice relationship
October 24, 2008
thanks for good question. I am a malaysian chinese. My grand grandfather is from china. (due to some British political issue in South east asia in 1930-1940+) but aft my grandfather onwards we are citizen of Malaysia. We are no longer describe self feature as china's chinese, but malaysian chinese. (海外华侨) I heard a lot of story about china from my eldest. I went china few times before. I think china is not weak, but can be stronger due to the people in these large country. Chopstick, paper, 火药, china traditional medicine中药, are created by china. Great wall, lots of nice building which still in "nice" condition in front of your eye till now... Its amazing. I am in Beijing in SzeChuan512 earthquake四川大地震 I have good impression in chinese that help one another during this tragedy. The TV 24 hours update news in SzeChuan. I am touch. After awesome Beijing Olmpic, china show their ability to organise Huge global activity. Fast-growing economies IN china. We heard about lots of corruption, SARS desease in 2002, ugly election cycle, > population imbalance, environment pollution which might lead to global warming, China milk SCANDAL... happening in china. These ISSUE maybe this happen around the world, the things is we don't know that, but does'nt mean it does not happen in any corner of this world. 柏杨 wrote《丑陋的中国人》I do learn from the book 《丑陋的中国人》 But i do also learn from china and chinese like MaoZeDong, 屈原, 诸葛亮,孟子。。。 china is a HUGE society, maybe we might learn from its positif, and take its negatif as a lesson. 好与坏在于一念之间
October 24, 2008
At the first sight of your question title, I sensed that you are not a chinese person. 不识庐山真面目,只缘生在此山中. I am interested in the places of china where i have never been to, especially those with very beautiful sceneries. Maybe I would be more interested in living in china when I were living abroad alone. As to the strong or weak points of china, this will naturally associate with china's politics, government which is not properly to publish here. Maybe you'll find what chinese people or china are, when you are out of it. Sometimes only by comparison will make you know more or see into our nation and our people.
October 24, 2008
Here in America people percieve China as a growing influence both in industry and world affairs. Most Americans do not like the Chinese government (though not as much as before, now that Maoism is perceived to be loosening its grip upon the nation) and this makes some worry about the increasing influence. That said, many Americans are very interested in Chinese history and culture. Chinese philosophy is very popular here. About Chinese people, there aren't many where I live but those that I know are nice people. There is also a stereotype that Chinese people are very smart.
October 30, 2008
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