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How do you think of it if you love a boy whose age is six younger than you ? Can you accept it ? Do you think that it is not a good result for them and ,people will look down upon them with their traditional view ?
29. Jan 2008 16:34
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Depends. 10-16 = WTF! 14-20 = weird 20-26 = semi-okay 30-36 = not a big deal Basically, I think it's okay when the boy or girl is past his/her puberty. Kids are weak and insecure during puberty so it's easier for other people to take advantage of them. So, I don't agree with such relationships.
29. Januar 2008
Lol, age is not really the material point, although it is a reference. Even if he is six years younger, if he is psychologically mature enough, the relationship could still turn out well.
29. Januar 2008
I think it really depends on your age. If you were a teenager dating someone six years younger, then it would be strange and people wouldn't accept it well. If you were in your 20s and dating a teenager, it would still be unacceptable (to some people). But if you are both in your late 20s-30s then I don't see a problem with it. Really, it's just how the world sees it. My boyfriend is 8 months younger than me, and some people say "How can you date someone younger than you?" but I don't care about it, because I don't see him as "younger" than me. I see him as "my boyfriend".
8. Februar 2008
Having such an experience, I'd say it depends on the two of them wether it's gonna work out or not. The big problem is that any external influence (3rd person) will easily make this 'social norm' divergence to stand out. If anyone within a relationship would like to split up there will always be reasons & claims to do so.
8. Februar 2008
31. Januar 2008
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