Can anyone translate for me?? There's an advertisement of Adidas, which Kaka, Steven Gerrard, and Messi draw their own character... I know little about Portugese, so I can hardly understand what Kaka says. But I'm big fan of him, so I'd like to know... Would you write it down and translate that in English?? obrigado!
Oct 25, 2008 4:04 AM
Answers · 1
He said: "Oi, eu sou o Kaká, todo time precisa de um pouco de elegância... opa, opa, desculpa, mas é minha (a bola)". Translating: Hi, I'm Kaká, every team needs a bit of elegance... opa, opa (this in an interjection), sorry, but is mine (the ball).
October 25, 2008
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