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East Mouse
Can you help me?  I don't know the "study English" And "learn English"有什么不同?
Jan 29, 2008 5:55 PM
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Hi, East Mouse. Basically, I think "study" is for some experts to do some research or indepth analysis in the field. And "learn" might refer to some easier process of acquiring knowledge. And the following is what I have found from google and hope it's useful to you. 1. learn为“学习,学会”,侧重学习的成果,指从不知到知,从不会到会的学习,强调通过学习去获得知识和技能,它没有凭勤奋努力而获得知识的意味。learn亦可指向某人学习,从某处学习及学习一门技能等。 如 learn music, learn new words, learn to skate, learn from experience, learn from Lei  learn music, learn new words, learn to skate, learn from experience, learn from Lei    Fe。 2. study为“学习,研究”,强调学习的过程,指深入系统地学习,带有努力,勤奋的意味。其学习对象往往是科学,艺术和需要深入探讨,研究的问题及学科,不是单纯地获得技巧。如:study medicine, study medicine,    study science, study a map, study engineering, study painti。 下列句子中的learn 和 study均不能互换: If you study hard, you”ll learn the language well. 如果你努力学习的话,你会把这门语言学好。 He learned traditional Chinese medicine from a famous Chinese doctor. 他跟随一位著名的中国医生学习中医。 She studied late at night. She studied late at night.  她晚上学习到很晚。 He is studying the problem of X-rays. He is studying the problem of X-rays.  他正在研究X射线的问题。 3.在指某学科的“学习”时,或在不需要强调两者的区别时, learn 和study可以换用。如: How long have you learned/ studied Japanese?  Japanese?  你学习日语有多久了? We must keep on learning/ studying if we do not want to lag behind the times. 如果我们不想落在时代后面的话,就必须不断学习。
January 30, 2008
learn - to be unsure of the language's concept study - knowing the basics, to be in review
February 9, 2008
I think there's an important difference between "study" and "learn": The word "learn" implies (some degree of) success. If you learn to speak English, then you acquire the skill of using the language. The word "study" does NOT imply success. It's possible to say: "I studied English for a long time, but in the end, I did not learn how to use the language".
February 8, 2008
To study englisch and to learn english is roughly (左右) the same.
January 29, 2008
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