help with translation (corrections please) according to my understanding, you can add よ after calling a person, to mean something like "hey, <name>", no?? so based on this assumption, I tried to translate these two lines from this song: http://x.imeem.com/E2ueara5Fv what I tried to translate (and my translation) 星の輝きよずっと僕等を照らして Hey star light, always shine on us! (i.e. talking to the stars ..) 失くしたくない少年の日の夢よ・・・ hey, my dream from childhood days that I don't want to lose ... (referring to someone .. I suppose) Is my understanding and translation correct?? p.s. here's the context for reference 星の輝きよずっと僕等を照らして 失くしたくない少年の日の夢よ・・・ いつかこの街が変わっていても 君だけは変わらないで居て欲しい
Oct 26, 2008 3:57 AM