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Could you check some vocabulary errors? I will put + near the my answers.--- Training usually begins when a lion is about two years old. As(+well, far, long, much) as the trainer is not careless, does not (+treat, deal, care, face) the lion cruelly, and remembers it is never(+completely,finally,mainly,baically) tame, the trainer is safe.But lions are always (+capable ,able ,possible, potential) of attacking a person, and there have been many (+cases, times, situations, places) of them injuring and even killing their trainers. Once they (+grow,bringcome,get) up, though, they are so big, strong and potentially dangerous that they cannot be kept in the (building,+room,home,flat) . In the past, lions were often caught in the (+wild,nature,freedom,open) and taken to zoos and circuses.They were (+shut,locked,trapped,closed) in nets or holes dug in the ground. Now, enough lions are born in captivity to (+meet ,fit ,feed ,suit) zoo and circus needs.---- Thank you!!!
May 11, 2016 3:45 PM
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As( long), does not (treat) delete the adverbs(completely, finally, basically,mainly) it is not necessary to use those adverbs. The delete the word "but" write; Lions are always capable of attacking a person. In fact, there have been many cases/incidents/reports) of a lion injuring or killing trainers. If you use "a"- you need to become specific. What trainer was injured or killed. When lions grow up, they become big, strong, and even dangerous, and it is not possible to keep/place them in a building or house(flat, apartment). Your sentence that begins with "In the past" is a bit confusing because you begin with the present tense and switch to the past tense(were). Here is an alternative, " Lions are caught in the wild and taken to zoos and circuses to become performers. or use "In the past" and delete (often): In the past, lions were caught in the wild, and they were taken to zoos and circuses. Your last two sentences need additional information. Trapped in cages(you are talking about lions- if so they would be placed in cages), (in) closed in nets? Lions born in captivity..What? are designed/trained/ for the entertainment of people? However, good job!
May 11, 2016
long home trapped. Others were right. I recommend you study the meaning and usage of "as long as".
May 11, 2016
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