improved/improving ? 1 My English skills are improving 2 My English skills are improved which sentence is correct ? if both are correct, any difference ? thank you I think I can add " by ..." behind the option 2 and If I want to add a word " greatly" ,maybe only option 2 works ? Please kindly offer me more examples Thank you so much
May 12, 2016 2:27 AM
Answers · 5
1) is correct. 2) is not OK. For 2), it is better to say, "My English skills have improved" (present perfect) "My English skills have improved greatly" is fine. "My English skills have improved by [studying everyday]" is fine. EDIT: "greatly" doesn't really work with 1, because "greatly" describes "how much", but in 1) you are still doing it, so it doesn't really make sense. Instead adverbs of speed are better ("I am improving quickly").
May 12, 2016
Option one is correct. Option 2 would be "My English skills have improved". If you want to add the word greatly into the sentence, you would add it before the word "improving" in option 1 and before "improved" in option 2. Improving is present tense, meaning the action is still occurring. Saying "have improved" is past tense, the action is complete. Example: My cats are playing - meaning the cats are still playing My cats have played - meaning the cats are finished playing
May 12, 2016
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