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What did you acheive in italki until now ?
Oct 27, 2008 11:30 AM
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well, i think i have really "achieved" more than i had expected. you know, i was totally overjoy when i was for the first time confronted with italki (i've forgotten how.). "Finally, i find a place to communicate with real foreigners actually!" i thought, so i registered quickly and started to sending out hopefully my olive branches of friendship. Some returned with a message of confirmation, while some just sank like stones. One by one, I did add to my friend-list nearly 60 people, old and young, male and female, domestic and foreign, each with a unique character though most with the identical performance. Anyway, I met some nice and sincere guys and talked with them. It made me feel my horizons broadened, my outlook brightened, and my self-confidence strengthened. oh boy! I just loved that feeling! Of course, I also got kind help with languages like English and French; I also offered sincere help with languages like Chinese and English. Meanwhile, totally out of my expectations, I gained more than the above. Due to my personal experiences on italki within the past months, some big change has taken place in my impression of westerners as well as of the world. No people, no minds, no characters are actually perfect; perfectness lies only in imagination. "So i shouldn't have expect so much of someone and something unknown to me," I realized eventually. At last, something from the bottom of my heart: Let peace prevail; let sincerity stay; let friendship win!
October 27, 2008
I have learnt how the world is viewed differently by all sorts of people, depending on their religious and cultural beliefs. I am sad that some people ask questions deliberately designed to provoke others. I am still trying to learn Italian and keep up with the avalanches of emails asking for help from my friends as well as teaching full time. Being invited to be an Italki moderator was a big honour for me. Lastly, most people want a peaceful existence and supportive friendships in their lives.
October 28, 2008
i have learnt so many things the most benefical things when i translate the arabic books into english that is really benefit me. also talking to people is benefical
October 27, 2008
well i made nice friends like you ;-) i formed a good idea of how people's thinking , i had practiced my english and i learned some chinese language which never thgough my self can do it !
October 28, 2008
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