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here i have some more questions!!! HI Folks..; I still have some Qs.I hope u dont mind help me.Here they are. 1.Oh well...I should just forget him.(Oh well?) 2.I haven't talk to you in a while.(in a while?) 3.I havent used internet for a while.(for a while?) 4.I haven't written in a while.(in a while?) 5.Well then? THx u all 4 giving ur time to answer my Qs.
Oct 28, 2008 4:17 AM
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1. oh well - this is an expresion of an emotion - it is difficult to explain but basically means that the person saying it is resigned to what has happened. They accept the situation and just want to get on with their life - as in when a girl breaks up with her boyfriend she might say "oh well... I should just forget him" 2 - 4 in a while, for a while = they mean the same thing - they express the passing of time - in the sentences used they indicate that the person hasn't done these things for a fairly long time. You may use the internet everyday but if you havent used it for two weeks you might say "I haven't used the internet for a while". 5 This is a way of asking for an explanation from someone. For example a a child who has been sent home from school might might be asked this by his parent - meaning "explain what has happened?". It can also be used in another context - if I ask you if you want to go out tomorrow and you dont give me an immediate response I might say a few minutes later "Well then?", meaning "can I have an answer?"
October 29, 2008
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