How do you conjugate Bulgarian verbs? (present tense) Can someone please help me with the conjugation of the Bulgarian verbs (present tense)
May 22, 2016 3:44 PM
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Ok this looks quite scary but this is what I found on the net - http://folk.uio.no/kjetilrh/bulg/gram/600bverb.htm Every time I say in my lessons and general to the people that have hard time with Bulgarian is that it is far way easier when you just practise and get to know the congujation of the most useful verbs.The most common rule is of course- Аз имам /искам / бягам / взимам Аз пия / мия Ти имаш / искаш / бягаш /взимаш Ти пиеш / миеш Той/Тя/То има / иска/ бяга/взима Той/Тя/То пие/ мие Ние имаме /искаме /бягаме /взимаме Ние пием / мием Вие имате /искате/бягате /взимате Вие пиете /миете Те имат /искат/бягат/взимат/ ядат Те пият/мият/ Even when I saw the link that I`ve sent it seems complicated, but honestly I think you just have to learn the most useful verbs and then when you express yourself freely and at the same time there are people to correct your errors you will begin to feel the language and some things would sound in a wrong or right way (you can`t just learn by heart everything from the grammar). Good luck! :)
May 22, 2016
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