Ich brauche Hilfe.(I need a help in editing a short essay in German.) Guten tag, I’m enrolled in a German course in Goethe institute, and I want to make up a short essay about the unit we learnt this week. It’s about celebrations and fest. I tried to do an essay by my own, but I think that I'm too beginner to use some grammatical structures in my essay. Anyway, I want short essays about these topics: -Beschneidung -Silverstag (I forgot the name of the New Year festival in German) -Hochzeit. - Geburtstag I would be thankful If you can give me a model essay about one of these topics or more with English translation, and if you add some explanations about the grammatical structures it would be very kind from you. Thanks in advance ;-) P.S: how to say in German: “ I entered the classroom smiling “.In French is “ je suis entré à la classe en souriant ".
Oct 31, 2008 8:54 AM
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I'd prefer 'lächelnd' over 'lachend'. That is: 'Ich bin lächelnd in den Klassenraum gekommen.' / 'Ich betrat den Klassenraum lächelnd'. I think that 'lachen' is more like 'to laugh' while 'lächeln' is like 'to smile'. If you like 'general rules': You can use this form much like the english equivalent. The grammatical form is called 'Partizip Präsens aktiv' (PPA) and expresses simultaneity. You can use it pretty much like the PPA in English, and I think that in most, if not all cases it's formed from infinitive + 'd'. So PPA of lachen = lachend PPA of lächeln = lächelnd PPA of lernen = lernend PPA of singen = singend (Another example. 'Singend verließ er den Raum' is 'He left the room singing' - 'he left the room and was singing at the same time')
November 1, 2008
Yes, Beschneidung is not the main culture of Germany or Austria. The new year festival is simply called "Silvester" What for essays do you need? Do you mean that you have to describe the topics you've mentioned? And then, each word in an own essay or all together?
October 31, 2008
I entered the classroom smiling = Ich bin lachend in die Klasse gekommen. For the other topics one needs time Beschneidung is a heavy topic for german speaking people, they dont know much about it
October 31, 2008
Nichts gegen Google, aber man sollte es lieber unterlassen Google statistiken in acht zu nehmen... Ich habe schon so manches gesehen^^ @itlktiv: u can use this site ( for ur studies... By the way, are you done with the essay?
November 5, 2008
@djuha123 Dafür liegst du beim Thema 'Klassenzimmer' richtiger als ich. Ich habe Google abstimmen lassen: 1,5Mio zu 300k (530k inkl. Plural) zugunsten Klassenzimmer. Viele Grüße
November 2, 2008
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