Jack Forest
how to translate “阴阳”“中庸”“顺势而为”“武侠”...in english???. I want to show Chinese cultures to English Spoken friends, but my translation can not show the REAL CHINESE meaning, how to construe?? For example, "武侠" is not the simple fight in my mind, not Jackie Chan or Jet Lee's show, it's XuKe's works,it's JinYong's works...how to show my ideas. perpahs it's the reason for JinYong's works couldn't popular in the West.
Oct 31, 2008 9:21 AM
Answers · 2
1. 阴阳 :refer to Ying and Yang in English 2. 中庸: refer to the action and attitude of moderation 3. 顺势而为:take an action according to the tendency 4. 武侠:WuXia, related to Chinese Kongfu
October 31, 2008
I'm not a really good translator, but I will try. 1. "阴阳" - Ying and Yang (if you say this most foreigners know this; if not then use black and white, for one to exist there must be an opposite.) 2. "中庸" - Doctrine of the Mean (one of the Four Books, part of the Confucian canonical scriptures; from wikipedia) 3. "顺势而为" - ?? (I'm not sure but maybe it's Seize the day) 4. "武侠" - WuXia; This is the code of chinese martial arts, an unwritten rule, an honor system that chinese martial artists follow. For example The Japanese Samurai, I'm sure most westerners have heard of bushido, that is their code called.
October 31, 2008
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