what 's the right pronunciation ؟ what 's the right pronunciation : iron (aern) or (eron) ugly (agle) or (aglae)
Oct 31, 2008 2:04 PM
Answers · 4
Iron is pronounced (iun) - i as in (I) and un as in (run) = i-un Ugly - really its pronounced as it is written - Ug as in (hug) ly as in (lee) = ug-lee
October 31, 2008
iron: (starting with the english 'I', but sometimes ending with ...ern, sometimes with ...ron) (click on the speaker icon next to iron) ugly: (I can't help you with this)
October 31, 2008
let me try, I like doing this stuff hehe (yea at the dictionary website they have a sound file for every word, click on it to hear the word) Iron = (sounds like 'i' in the word ice-cream) + (sounds like "urn" in the word "burn") Ugly = (sounds like "ug" in the word "hug") + (sounds like "Lee" like the last name) I am sounding this out with an American New York accent. Everyone's might sound different and I think yehmehhoon's is fairly close to mine. Why does he/she get a -3? I think his'/her's is correct too.
November 1, 2008
Iron = a.yar.n ugly = uh.glee
October 31, 2008
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