What should i do some peoples use this site to get online sex? It's was happen many times to me. Some peoples use their web cam to show their naked bodies to me..and chat but not speaking about language but about sex(i already check their profile before accept their invitation). So now i scared if somebody inviting me to
Oct 31, 2008 5:55 PM
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Well, Derrick is certainly right about not using a web cam with people you don't know very well. There is really little to no need to use a webcam, though body language can be somewhat important to learn a language, it's still quite different over a webcam than in real life. I wouldn't bother with people from italki unless they show a genuine interest in my language or a language I'm learning. I wish they would create an option in the "report concern" menu to report people who use this site for such purposes. Then atleast people who do it repeatedly could be removed from the italki community. Maybe it's okay for us to report that kind of behavior with one of the options now? Doesn't seem that way considering what they say, but it would be nice if they did! Maybe someone will drop by and let us know.
October 31, 2008
Put up a picture of your grandmother on your profile? Maybe just text chat with a man for a while so you get to know him better before webcamming? Don't be afraid to get new messages though, it's the reason Italki is so cool. You can meet people from all over the world and learn new things.
October 31, 2008
Complaints about abuse/behaviour etc should go to: [email protected] The only problem I can forsee is that webcam/microphone use doesn't go through the italki site and is therefore outside their control. If anyone shows any part of their body other than their head just turn off the webcam and ignore them. Same goes if they dont talk about language of if they talk about something you are not comfortable with. There is no need to give them any explanation just termianate the session and ignore them if they try to contact you again. Its a shame that some people abuse this site in this manner as it really is very helpful when learning a foreign language to be able to speak to someone who knows the language and can guide you in pronounciation. Not sure a webcam is essential - you might be better off just using a microphone.
October 31, 2008
When you talk with them, you can realize if they are really interested in languages; i'm mean a man who asks you for the first time if u have boyfriend, or if u are alone in home and if you have cam, you can begin to realize that they are not really interested in languages, so u can just give: "delete". If you do it for sure you will enjoy Italki! Just ignore them , by the way have for sure that in Italki there are funny but at the same time good guys, just look for them, take ur time, and forget some loosers
November 4, 2008
You shouldn't be surprised - sex is the no.1 search on the Internet. Humans feel the need to reproduce and whether it's in a bar, or online, they are going to want to have fun. To be honest, it's as good a reason to learn a language as any other. Just remember that men are VISUAL. If you put a pretty profile picture of yourself then you will arouse the interest of some men. As Derrick says, just put a picture of an old ugly woman or a man, and you will get rid of 99% of men lol. Also, remember that your profile description is your way of telling the world what you like, don't like. Make it clear that you are ONLY interested in learning languages, and that you are not interested in webcams.
November 1, 2008
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