Culinary arts: what is the most famous food in your country? Tunisia is a small country. But, you will be amazed at the big variety of dishes when you enter Tunisian restaurants: tajjine, mloukhia, rouz bellallouch, kouskous, klaya, kaftajji, marqet jelbana, madfouna, mossli, slata meshwia, mermez, and the list goes on and on... One of the most famous, however, is a "triangular envelope of crispy pastry containing a whole egg, minced parsley and onion". It is called "brik". Don't forget to ask for one (or maybe two ;)) when you visit Tunisia! What about the food in your country? Which dishes are the most famous?
Oct 31, 2008 9:07 PM
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American fast food (KFC and McDonalds) are all over the world. Although they're not healthy foods, they're definitely the most well-known. There will always be a market for convenient, cheap, salty, and fatty. For a taste of "America", I would recommend various regional fish dishes. Walleye cheeks (in the midwest) where I live, Some catfish in the south, salmon in the northeast. . .
November 1, 2008
There's "shao long bao" in shanghai!! yum yum hehe
November 1, 2008
Mexico's globally known dish is"tacos" you'll find plenty of tacos' stands if you come, people eats tacos because they're cheap and tasty, and they're prepared in several ways, there are dozens of styles, served with: pork, beef, tomatoes, onion, garlic, and many other delicious ingredients you'll find that you can't eat just one.The mexican cuisine is one of the richest ones you can find lots of tasty dishes besides tacos, some examples of traditional dishes could be:tamales, atole, panzita, arroz con leche,chiles en nogada, enchiladas, entomatadas, enfrijoladas, platanitos al horno.Every region has a special dish. On my state the most famous dish is called "tlayuda" which is a giant "tortilla" served with meat, beans, onion, tomatoes and a piece of meat inside.We also have a great variety of drinks:agua de horchata, de cebada, de piña. They're all refreshing and really tasty.
November 4, 2008
hi dear Rosalia, in my country(Sicily) the best foods are "Pasta con le sarde", "sarde a beccafico", "arancini",pane e panelle", "cannoli siciliani", "cassata siciliana","torrone di nocciole,mandorle,arachidi","stigghiola", "trippa", beef of varius animal, varius fishes, but this are only some dishes of my country becouse in the history Sicilia have very much domination, in pratice all dominations that was in Mediterranean sea, and therefore each of this have enriched our cuisine. If you have curiosity about anyone of this dishes ask at me and i will give at you explanation. by by dear
November 2, 2008
too many in China. in my city, Beijing Duck is very famous. I like it very much.
November 1, 2008
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