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How do you know when you are at the next level in a language? For example: I'm learning Spanish. I'm just a beginner so I only have one bar out of five. How do I know when I can make it two out of 5 bars? Is it by the number of years that I've been studying? Is it buy how proficient I am, and how do you determine that ect... or is it something else?
Oct 31, 2008 9:27 PM
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I think you're talking about the bars in your profile, right? Well, that's pretty subjective. It is based on your own judgement of your proficiency in a language. For example, in my case, I speak french much better than korean, but I do not think I'm just a beginner in korean, so I decided to choose the level 3. To assess your level more accurately you would need to take an exam for that particular language, and then compare it to a standard, like the CEF or something like that.
November 1, 2008
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November 1, 2008
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