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Who what thinks about friendship?
Nov 1, 2008 11:56 AM
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friends mean learn from each other, care , love , believe. he /she will give your comfort when you sad .he/ she will be happy when you 're happy ,he / she will give your congratulations when you succeed.
November 2, 2008
True friendship is like wine. We appreciate it more as it grows older.
November 8, 2008
i think you can't live without friends despite that fact that you have family and love?relatives and so on..they are always with you but you must have another opinions on things and thoughts and so on..if you don't have friends you can feel lonely..but it's very difficult to find true friends and to make them be sincere to you..
November 6, 2008
the true friendship is the love never changed,which could exist between families, friends and even lovers.
November 6, 2008
when you consider someone as your friend,or good friend. then things between you and your friend is called friendship. it is something unspeakable,
November 6, 2008
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