Can someone translate these song lyrics please? I thought I posted this one before with the others anyway here 墙角迎风的雏菊 茉莉花开的香气 闭上眼回到过去 划分界限的桌椅 下课就靠在一起 我就是离不开你 一路乘着溜滑梯 我们说好走到底 以为从此就分离 用黑板上的日期 倒数找你 慢慢清晰 原来思念你 是加了糖 的消息 我用铅笔 画得很仔细 素描那年 天气 蝉鸣的夏季 我想遇见你 那童年的希望是一台 时光机 我可以一路开心到底 都不换气 戴竹蜻蜓 穿过那森林 打开了任意门找到你 一起旅行 那童年的希望是一台 时光机 你我翻滚过的榻榻米 味道熟悉 所有回忆 在小叮当口袋里 一起荡秋千的默契 在风中持续着甜蜜 有些话总来不及 一直都放在心底 想要将你看仔细 但错身而过的你 已经离去
Nov 1, 2008 1:24 PM
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The corner of a wall against the wind English daisy jasmine opens the fragrance closes one's eyes returns to divide the boundary the furniture to finish class depends on I is cannot leave a your group in the same place to ride is sliding the slide we to reach an agreement arrives the bottom to think henceforth asked you on the separation with the blackboard on date reciprocal clearly originally to miss you to add the sugar news slowly I to use the summer which the pencil sketch very careful sketch that year weather cicada called I to want to meet your that childhood the hope is a time X-ray machine I may by a group happy all not take a breath wears the bamboo dragonfly to pass through that forest to open the random gate to find you together to travel that childhood hope is a time X-ray machine you IHas tumbled but the tatami flavor familiar all recollections the tacit understanding which swung together in the small dingdong pocket continue the happy some speeches in the wind always without enough time continuously all to place the moral nature wish to look you but wrong body you already to depart carefully.
November 2, 2008
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