What is the meaning of life??? a ting
Nov 2, 2008 5:44 AM
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A meaning of life you could pick up from this quote : "Be glad of life because it gives you the chance to love and to work and to play and to look up at the stars". Henry Van Dyke
November 8, 2008
Hello my dear friend, I want to say that: Many people want to find the reason for their existences but maybe we must create it by ourself. Everybody hopes and tries to find the meaning of the life, the reason of his/her birth, his/her being with somebody, his/her existence… We must find it in our dreams, in the school, in the job, in people… The reason that we found there could be indefinite and fragile, anyway we have a reason. I believe we must create it. And for me, life is an opportunity that all people have in order to know and to experience new experiences that enrich our being. Althougt we live difficult moments we have to try living with hard desire, smiling and doing our best. Life is a present and we must be thankful. And if to live is a daring, it is well being bold because you are taking advantage of your life. :)
November 4, 2008
Life is an abstract idea or concept made by men, that can take any sense , depending on the point of view of each person, in anycase everyone has it's own concept about life, but the meaning depends on you, probably that is what rules in your life and you don't even realize. Your choice is if that is the life you like or not, and if you want to continue with it or change it.
November 3, 2008
2 suppasitions everything has a reason even if its beyond our comprehension anything is possible if this is true then... the meaning of life is to make change occur. we can do this as we have the ability to chosse to affect the world around us in new and diffrent ways to create new varibles to change things life in many or all respects is the only varible in the universe nature is predictable,balanced,ordered it is simple matter and energy. gravity moveing and influencing things, energy going in staight lines, balancing out everything . life is unpredictable, unordered, even chaotic. it can change the world around it and much more besides
November 2, 2008
life is a process for us to find what the life is
November 2, 2008
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