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is it possible learning a new language only in four mounth? there is a method to learn English just in four mounth.what do you think?can i rely on them?orstudy it for some years?
30 янв. 2008 г., 9:09
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I've heard of people learning languages in that short of a time span, but I don't know how reasonable it is to expect that kind of success. The above link is written by an English speaking person who claims to have learned Japanese in 18 months. Pretty interesting.
31 января 2008 г.
It depends I think rather on the person than the method. You can live in a country where they speak the language you want to learn, and still not learn much. It comes down to how much motivation you have. But living in a country where the lingo is spoken can be a great help by supplying a sense of urgency to learn the language. I for instance want to learn Spanish, but I'm making slow progress because I don't want it bad enough. So I ask people here to help me, instead of helping myself:P Anyway to go from absolut beginner to learn a language fluently in just 4 months I think is really difficult. However you can learn a great deal in 4 months but maybe not an entire language from scratch.
30 января 2008 г.
It depends. If you live in a country that speaks english, maybe, but if you live in another country, who persons don't speak english, some years.
30 января 2008 г.
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