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请教一个很实在的问题啊. 香.我感觉很难翻译.比如说,1.女孩子洒了香水好香.2.你炒的菜好香.3.花开了好香.4.通常地说香气袭人.5.香车美人.这些都该怎么翻译?
30 ม.ค. 2008 เวลา 18:32
Answers · 2
4. irresistable aroma 5. The 香 in 香车美人 is definitely not a fragrant car, or has anything to do with emission of the car. It's more of an luxurious carriage, so the translation should be "a luxurious carriage and a beauty are an excellent match".
31 มกราคม 2008
1. A girl puts on a fragrant (/BE:flavorsome/BE:flavoursome) perfume. (/puts on a fragrant scent.) 2. Your fried (/roast /barbecued) dish smells (/is /2:tastes) aromatic (/good). 3. The blossom (/bloom) smells sweet (/is fragrant /is very odorant). 4. ? (Do youn mean incense?) 5. ? (Do you mean the emissions of cars?)
30 มกราคม 2008
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