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How can I sign up at youku? Does anybody have any idea how to sign up at youku? I have watched lots of videos on youtube that are supposed to tell you how to do it, but none of the them work. The site must have been re-designed since the youtube videos were made because the place where it says to go to sign-up does not exist now. When I translate the page into English, there is absolutely nowhere that says "sign up," or "register," or anything. There is a log-in section but whereas on Western websites if you click log-in but are not yet a member it will invite you to join, no such thing happens on youku Can anybody help me? This is the sign-up page: Thanks Andrew
Sep 9, 2016 6:39 AM
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Thanks, Greg. Have you registered on it? If so were you able to do so without a phone number? It demands that I put in a number but it seems that only Chinese phone numbers work? Thanks Andrew
September 9, 2016
Don't translate into English. Just click "登陆" at the top of the youku page.Then click "注册" at the right bottom corner on the popping page.
September 9, 2016
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