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Why use "resolution" to replace " revelation"? This book comes as a _revelation_ to one who was nourished in his youth on the enlightened English socialist tradition represented by George Bernard Shaw. B. discovery D. resolution The key D. But I think B is the best one to replace "revelation" since "resolution" means "decision" or "determination", which has nothing to do with "revelation". Why use "resolution" to replace " revelation"? I don't understand. Would you please shed light on it? Thank you.
1 de oct de 2016 5:11
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First of all, I can't help but feel a bit snarky about this. I know this is a question out of some Chinese exam. Having seen the actual exam, I am not entirely convinced that even its author knew exactly what the right answer was. Just as an aside: You'd think they'd be a little more circumspect in designing it. If I were to take it into actual context, from Shaw's life in politics and social theories, the use of revelation is quite deliberate. Revelation: Something that is made known; something that is revealed That type of language is exemplified in the bible. For example: This book is the Revelation of Jesus Christ. It came as a revelation. That is, a fact or a truth is made known to a person(s), and in a way that was not obvious or was surprising in some way. There is divine revelation. The source of which is a deity or a god. And there's revelation from facts that are discovered and made known. The discovery of penicillin in 1928 by accident, was a medical revelation. It was a powerful tool that cured infections and advanced the development of modern antibiotics. I would not use resolution, but I will not say it's wrong. It is, however, ambiguous. If you consult a thesaurus, some related words for resolution are settlement, proposal, recommendation, verdict, and conclusion. For revelation: the words are discovery, epiphany, prophecy, publication, and communication. Again, it's ambiguous. But, I'm not even convinced that this exam was even designed correctly in the first place, so that's all I can say.
1 de Octubre de 2016
I liked Matteo's detailed and helpful answer, but I'd go even further than him...(D) is not just ambiguous to me, it's completely incomprehensible. I'm trying to think of situations where "discovery" and "resolution" are synonymous and I can't think of a single one (even the synonyms of "resolution" and "discovery" Matteo provided didn't seem the least bit interchangeable to me). This seems to be a simple mistranslation of some Chinese word. Honestly, half the time I feel that Chinese English exams are written by an English-learner using Baidu translate. It's very frustrating to constantly have to tell Chinese learners that their "wrong" exam answers are actually good English, and the exam key is utter word salad..
1 de Octubre de 2016
I think that you're correct. I don't think that "resolution" fits in this sentence.
1 de Octubre de 2016
In the context, revelation is similar to resolution because it is describing a book. In the same way a book resolves, or ends, it also comes to a revelation, where it reveals the end of the story. It would not make sense to to describe a book as a discovery, however, it would makes sense to say it revealed new information to you. I hope this helps!
1 de Octubre de 2016
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