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Difference in meaning 1. 제가 방을 청소하는 동안 엄마는 요리를 했어요. (Can I say 하고 있었어요. ?) VS 2. 제가 방을 청소하면서 엄마는 요리를 했어요. (Again, can I say 하고 있었어요. ?) Also are these variations of these 2 sentences correct? 1. 제가 방을 청소할 때 엄마는 요리를 했어요. (하고 있었어요. ????) 2. 제가 방을 청소하는 중(일?) 때 엄마는 요리를 했어요. (하고 있었어요. ????)
Oct 1, 2016 4:53 PM
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1 is correct while quite off with 2 했어요 vs 하고 있었어요: 요리를 했어요: You focus on that/what she cooked, and that you will eat what she cooked as next 요리를 하고있었어요: You focus on what she was busy with. I'd translate it to "my mother was busy cooking" 2 is incorrect because: ~하면서 ~하다, both activities shall refer to the same subject, emphasizng the subject doing both simultaneously. v1 is correct, while v2 suffers the same problem: subject sharing.
October 1, 2016
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