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Have you ever met people from on itaki who have posted silly comments to you? I mean, who have posted them to give you unpleasant feelings without any purporses? I' d like to find out what those people are - stupid or just unhappy)
1 oct. 2016 20:25
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My opinion is that people try to make themselves feel better by making others feel smaller: There are a lot of insecure people on the Internet. It is easy to make fun of people who are learning another language, because everyone makes ludicrous mistakes. It takes a bit of courage to risk publicly embarrassing yourself in a foreign language, but for better or worse it is the only way to learn. I also think it is worse for women; men feel that they can take advantage. Unfortunately, there is not much you can do about it, except that I think you can block them or complain to the site administrators.
1 octobre 2016
In small minds, thoughts like little fishes create storms. In oceanic minds, whales hardly produce more than ripples. [P. Yogananda]
1 octobre 2016
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