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Please translate this to French. 1 Luke lives in San Francisco. Luke can eat fifty eggs in one hour. Luke told his friend George. George thought this seemed far-fetched. He thought that Luke was pulling his leg. “You’ve gotta be kidding,” he said to Luke. So Luke bet George $100 that he can eat fifty eggs in one hour. Luke ate fifteen eggs in the first ten minutes then all of a sudden the ground started to shake. There was an earthquake due east of San Francisco. Luke was not surprised because earthquakes are a dime a dozen in San Francisco. “When you live in San Francisco, it’s a given that you will feel an earthquake,” said Luke. “Totally,” said George. Then Luke ate the rest of the eggs in twenty-two minutes so George had to give him $100.
Oct 2, 2016 12:39 PM
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Excuse me but we're here to HELP people. We're not going to do ALL the work for you. You should at least try to translate it YOURSELF, and then someone will correct YOUR translation. And just saying "please" won't magically make me want to be your translator...
October 2, 2016
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