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Lucas Ribeiro
What is the meaning of ain't and how to use it? I've heard a lot of songs using 'ain't' on it lyric, and, although I know what is the basic meaning, I don't know how to put on a sentence.
Oct 2, 2016 2:06 PM
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It is non-standard English; however, it is used quite a bit especially when someone wishes to give the impression of being relaxed in his speech or to indicate a lack of education. "Ain't" might have originated as a contraction of "Am I not"; however, these days it's used for every subject pronoun and even as a replacement for ""to have" in the perfect tenses. I ain't ready. (I'm not ready.) They ain't crazy enough to do it. (They aren't crazy enough...) Ain't you listening? (Aren't you listening?) Also in: He ain't been there. (He hasn't been there.) I ain't opened the door yet. (I haven't opened the door yet.) Be aware, however, that it is VERY informal speech and denotes a less-educated speaker. As an English-learner, you might not want to use it.
October 2, 2016
The word "ain't" is highly regarded as word used by little educated people, it basically means "aren't" or "isn't" as in "He ain't what I thought, dawg" or just a random and unnecessary negative contraction used in sentences like "ain't nobody got time for that", although I do feel it has some kind of emphasis here, but please, don't take my answer as final, English ain't my mother language
October 2, 2016
ain't meaning have not or has not. or am not / is not / are not Although widely disapproved as nonstandard and more common in the habitual speech of the less educated, ain't in senses 1 and 2 is flourishing in American English. It is used in both speech and writing to catch attention and to gain emphasis . It is used especially in journalistic prose as part of a consistently informal style . This informal ain't is commonly distinguished from habitual ain't by its frequent occurrence in fixed constructions and phrases . In fiction ain't is used for purposes of characterization; in familiar correspondence it tends to be the mark of a warm personal friendship. It is also used for metrical reasons in popular songs . Our evidence shows British use to be much the same as American. Copied :)
October 2, 2016
Lucas Ribeiro
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