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Question on Reported Speech Hi friends My question is on reported speech. Which one is the correct sentence? (was or had been) 1) When queried about the workload, he mentioned that it was manageable. 2) When queried about the workload, he mentioned that it had been manageable. Thanks in advance. Niwantha
2016年10月2日 18:20
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It largely depends. The first one (the former) implies that the workload is the same and that it is still manageable and that is ongoing. The second sentence implies that the workload has changed and that it used to be manageable, but perhaps isn't now. So it depends on what you are trying to say.
In [1], the original speech = "It is manageable" In [2], the original speech = "It was manageable", or "It has been manageable" Reported speech shifts tenses back: present --> past present continuous --> past continuous past --> past perfect present perfect --> (also) past perfect will ---> would can ---> could etc. etc.
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