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사이, 가지, 호란스럽다, 속이다 Hi, could someone give me the right meanings of these words and use them in some SIMPLE sentences? Thank you :)
Oct 3, 2016 8:32 AM
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1. 호란스럽다 I haven't seen. 혼란스럽다 = be confused / something is confusing. ex) 당신이 준 단어들은 혼란스럽다 (words you've given are confusing) 2. because those words have several meanings. 사이 (between / relationship) ㄱ. 제목에서 "사이"와 "호란스럽다" 사이에 "가지"가 있어요. ("가지" is between "사이" and "호란스럽다" on the list) ㄴ. 우리 아무 사이도 아니에요. (We are in no special relationship.) 가지 (eggplant / branch / kind) ㄱ. 가지요리 몸에 좋아요. (eggplant is healthy) ㄴ. 나무가지 한개에 잎이 10개 (10 leafs per branch) ㄷ. 질문이 여러가지 있어요. (I've got different kinds of questions) 속이다 = to deceive 내가 너한테 속았다 (I've been deceived by you)
October 3, 2016
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