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~I have on experience ~ and ~ I have something to do tomorrow~ are not idiomatic expressions? Please let me know if ~I have no experience~ and ~ I have something to do tomorrow~ are idiomatic expressions. Thank you!
Oct 3, 2016 8:50 AM
Answers · 3
no and no. Both expressions don;t have a figurative meaning; basically both mean what they mean: - I have no experience = I have no experience - I have something to do tomorrow - I have somethign to do tomorrow Idiomatic expressions - definition: An idiom (also called idiomatic expression) is an expression, word, or phrase that has a figurative meaning conventionally understood by native speakers. This meaning is different from the literal meaning of the idiom's individual elements. In other words, idioms don't mean exactly what the words say. ( Examples of idioms: a piece of cake = very easy; once in a blue moon = very rarely let the cat out of a bag = reveal a secret accidentally
October 3, 2016
You're probably asking about colloquial expressions, but these expressions are standard, natural phrases. There's nothing unusual about them and they're perfectly fine to use.
October 3, 2016
Sorry, as I understand it, idiomatic expression means the way a native speaker would say, it has nothing to do with idioms. Am I right?
October 3, 2016
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