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"から””に””と” I have read the following sentence: 最近、太郎さんから 連絡 あった? Could I say 最近、太郎さんに 連絡 あった? 最近、太郎さんと 連絡 あった? What are the differences between these three sentences?
Oct 4, 2016 3:03 PM
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1) is okay to use since it makes sense(Have you received any messages from Taro recently? or something like that) However, 2) and 3) don't make sense. If your friends ask you Have you contacted Taro recently? It should be '最近、太郎さんに/と連絡とった?Not あった.In this case, you can't use 'あった'. I guess now you are a bit confused with usages of particle に&と. に:The action is from You to Taro, but in this case, your friends don't mind whether Taro replied you or not. と:(Interaction Action)with/together:The sentence focuses on Action WITH Taro. In this case, you have to use 'と'. For instance, if your friend asked you like '太郎と話した?' which means, obviously your friends wonder whether you talked to Taro or not', but if your friends asked you like ’太郎に話した’ which means, your friends ask you whether you tell Taro something which you have to inform him, such as some secret, or not. Hope you fill find the information useful. Yamada
October 5, 2016
I think it's ok to say like those. If A asks B like that: 1. 最近、太郎さんから 連絡 あった? ------ Recently, did tarou san cantact you? 2. 最近、太郎さんに 連絡 あった? ------ Recently, did you contact tarou san? 3. 最近、太郎さんと 連絡 あった? ------ Recently, did you have contact with tarou san? or Recently, did tarou san have contact with you? 1. tarou --> B 2. B --> tarou 3. contact between you and tarou I'm a fresh learner in Japanese, so it could be some mistakes.
October 4, 2016
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