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What does it mean(off livng) unexpected times, and they die when their spouse or the other people they care about are (off living) their lives.
Oct 5, 2016 1:21 AM
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"off" in this case means "away", as in the people are away, somewhere else, living their lives.
October 5, 2016
When somebody is 'living the life' It simply means that they are enjoying life, doing what makes them happy. For example; I invited my brother to the wedding but he is off living the life in Mexico so he can't come Hope this makes sense!
October 5, 2016
Did you put the brackets around "off living"? I assume it's just your way of highlighting the phrase. But it's not actually a phrase. There are two chunks of words here. One chunk, "the people are off," refers to the fact that they are not present, they are away. And the second chunk, "living their lives," explains what they are doing while they are away. You could even put a comma in between the two chunks: "the people are off, living their lives." "Off" can be pretty confusing. It means not present, not doing this, not something. We use it in very similar ways to mean different things, and sometimes the context changes the meaning of the same phrase. - Would you like some beer? - No thanks, I'm off drinking for a while. / I'm off drink. / I'm off beer. (He has stopped drinking alcohol, he is not participating.) - Are you here alone again? Where is your husband? - He's off drinking again! / He's off, drinking again. (He's not here, he's is away from home and his activity is drinking.) - Can you help me fix my car tomorrow? - Sure! I am off work tomorrow. (Not working) - Can you help me fix my car tomorrow? - Sorry, I will be off working in the next town. / I will be off, working ... (Not available.) - There, it's finished! Thank you so much. - My pleasure... It's time for me to go to work. I'll be off then. (I need to go somewhere.) - Can you help me on Saturday? - Sure, I'll be off then. / I'll be off work then. (I don't need to go somewhere, I can come here.) Confused yet? :) When you're not sure, try inserting a comma after "off" and pausing at that point when you speak the sentence. I'm off, drinking = I am not here, I am a beer lover. I'm off drinking = I am not participating in beer-related activities. I'll be off, then = I will not be here, at that time I'll be off then = I will leave now Even if the comma is often not there, you can insert it to see if the meaning of the sentence changes. And always look at the context! What is not true?
October 5, 2016
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