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Is there a English course for totally a beginner here? My aunt is Korean, and around 40 years old. She wants to travel in her later years, so she's starting to learn English. She can read sentences like "Someone is sitting on a chair" however, I assume she can't understand listening and she can't speak English, except for basics (e.g. Where is the subway?) I am to teach her every week from now on, however, I think it will be great fun for her to learn directly from native speakers. Could anyone give me an advice please? Thank you ^ _ ^
5 окт. 2016 г., 3:55
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Based on your writing, you are totally qualified to help your aunt learn beginner-level English, or higher. And as you are also able to communicate in her own language, it is much easier for you to explain things to her than it would be for me to do it. Imagine how hard it is to understand the difference between I sit, I am sitting, I have been sitting, I will be sitting, I will have been sitting, and all the rest of it, if you don't understand the language I am using to explain to you. People need a good basic understanding before they can work only in the language they are learning, at least if they're using traditional methods. Having said that, there are a couple of options for you: - Someone (you?!?!) can create a study plan which includes some structured practise with a native-speaker. It can't be "free talk" as the goal is to activate whatever was learned in the class with you. So, one class with you learning about the past simple tense, and one class with a native-speaker practising the past simple tense. - An old friend of mine teaches Chinese and English using a kind of total immersion, with a highly-structured program that mimics the way babies learn. You start with basic words and actions, and learn to build sentences, without ever using your own language. It's very difficult to do it well, but she seems pretty good at it. Check out
5 октября 2016 г.
I am a native English speaker offering lessons for low-prices, but I don't speak any Korean at all, so I'm not sure if my services would be helpful to her. If she does want to learn, though, click on my profile and schedule a trial so we can see how it goes.
5 октября 2016 г.
Please do a search at this link:
5 октября 2016 г.
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